IT support for your business

How we can help your Business to be easier?


  Your business today relies on computers and the Internet as very important tools more than

  ever before. However, being more reliant means being more vulnerable to IT issues and outside

  Internet threats. COMPU-SOS support can offer the assistance you need.


 We Offer:
  • Design Networks infrastructure.
       Network infrastructure enables you to meet key network infrastructure
      requirements by delivering
     cost-effective, secure and scalable solutions. As well as meeting the business
      requirements of your
     specific  vertical market, they also address other issues such as power-saving, and
     include free 
     firmware and software product updates.
  • Wired, Wireless Networks and broadband Installation.
  • Design a Virtual Private Networks (VPN).


  • Informations technology Consulting services. 


  • Monitoring and full control  your computers from any where any time.
  • Hardware Solutions.


  • Software Solutions.
  • Computer and Laptop Setup & Data Transfer And Data Storage devices              
    Setting up and configuring your computer to best performance.
        Installing the latest anti-Virus, pop-up blocker and firewall software.
          Installing common software applications.
            Securely transferring files and programs to your new computer.
        • Computer and Laptop Health Check
             Consultation to discuss any problems you may be experiencing.
             Complete software and hardware diagnostics.
             Check for hardware / software updates and apply them.
             Install windows updates and security patches.
             Complete virus and spy ware scan and clean.
             De-fragmentation and file clean up.
             Computer valet, cleaning the inside and outside of your computer.
             Advise on possible upgrade options.


        • Computer and Laptop Repair
                 Diagnose and fix all  your computer problems
        • Computer Upgrades 
                 Speed up your company computer with a operating system or hardware upgrade.
        • Software Installation 
                 Check the compatibility of the application you wish to install.
                 Install and setup your software package.
                Carry out any updates and patches of required

        • Website Solution
                  Create , design and host your website / e-commerce needs.
              And more