Damaged Laptops & Netbooks Repairs

Having problems with your laptop?   Compu-SoS can help you get back up and running.
Laptops  damages or faults can occur often and the first stage with any repair case is
for the owners  to decide whether they can resolve the problem themselves, or if the 
device needs professional attention.

We Repair Most laptops Problems.
  • Laptops that won't turn on or won't charge.
  • Damaged & Flickering screens. 
  • Laptops where the hard drive has failed.
  • CD/DVD drives that have stopped working.
  • Damaged laptop speakers.
  • Faulty laptop RAM (memory Stick).
  • Damaged or faulty laptop keyboards and touch pad.
  • Damage to laptop's ports USB, power Jack, Ethernet SD Card readers.
  • Motherboard failure.
  • Faulty network cards (LAN and WLAN).
  • Laptop overheating problems (CPU Fan & Heat Sink) .
  • Problems with the laptop power supply and adaptor.

  and more.